Holy Family Academy

High School Department

Cutcut, Angeles City






19 Responses to Contact

  1. thelma quioc david says:

    Hello…I graduated in H.S. 1975 and I’m trying to find out where i can get a copy of our CorUnum, I lost mine when we move here in the U.S. Thanks….

  2. hfahighschool says:

    please try to contact the registrar’s office at 045-887-5956

  3. Sarahi Hernandez says:


    Im just wondering if you can tell me the adreess were the school its locate it,please. and phone numbers.
    i will preciate your information.

    Sincerely,sarahi Vargas.

  4. hfahighschool says:

    The school is located in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines

  5. Klein says:

    dont you have any websites, so i can see the tuition fees?My son is incoming grade 1 and I am looking for good school that I can send him to.

  6. Say says:

    Hi, i just want to ask if hfa is hiring english teachers now? i would like to apply for if ever. I am a fresh grad.

  7. jinky says:

    hi,gud day!our children was studying right now in taif saudi arabia.i would like to inform becoz the closing here is on last week of june.can we enroll at late there in holy fam?can u pls.give us an advice.tnx a lot!

  8. Michelle says:

    Hi. My son is turning grade 2. I just want to asked how much the costs of books, pe uniforms and notebooks? The tuition fee I have but I need to know the price because I’m working abroad.

    Thanks and hoping for ur immediate feedback..

  9. Wyneder says:

    how much is your tuition fee for prep and kinder?kindly email me the details please. Thank you.

  10. candy says:

    search for informations

  11. Joi Quiambao says:

    I just want to ask if the school is till in need of teacher applicant? Your reply will be well appreciated. Thanks…

  12. Bogard says:

    I hate Familians. Hope that School will explode. After all attending my elementary years in HFA, they didn’t allow me to go through High School anymore. After all spending thousands of thousands of pesos on my elementary years then all of a sudden, oh!!! you can’t continue on your High School anymore. All bunch of bull crap.Why ?is there no a Second chance ? At least a Second chance right ?

    To all the peaple who want to send their kids in these School please!!! don’t waste your time and money. All they want is your money. After all it will be easy for them to not let your kid to not continue High School.Also teaching is not good..bunch of bullshit.

    Good I migrated in the U.S. and attended High School here and get accelerated. Buti pa ang mga Americano hindi tulad ng Filipino, ka lahi mo na nga tapos ganyan pa ang gagawin sa iyo.They thing they all clean and all that.

    • Kling says:

      You’re grammar gives me a clue why you didn’t make the cut. We all mus learn not to blame others for our shortcomings so we may grow.

  13. Portia Pham says:

    Hi there HFA. I was online with BPI and ask them the question about HFA being in the list of their bill pay merchant and to register for that, I only need the student ID and name. Is this process work for HFA Angeles City. I am overseas and paying my niece’s tuition fee and it would be a lot easier for me if I will pay it through BPI bill payment process.
    Thank you

  14. CherryM. says:

    Hi. I’d like to inquire on how long will it take to get my high school transcript of records if I applied for one.

  15. Japs Asia says:

    Hi HFA, i know its already late for enrollment but we are trying our best to come up with the money for my brother to enroll, we would like to ask if do you accept credit card payments or payment thru BPI. Thanks God bless

  16. Paraluman bago says:

    Start of classes?

  17. john paul famitangco says:

    hello im graduated S.H i enrolle for college they a college there for engineering course

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